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Our Amazing Students:

2016 was another very successful year with exam results. Congratulations to the following students who sat exams with St. Cecilia, 

Trinity College London, or AMEB:

Damian: Beginner Grade - 97%

Asha: Junior Grade - 90%

Jasmin: Junior Grade - 91%

Charlotte: Junior Grade 97%

Lara: Preliminary Grade 91%

Lisa K: Preliminary Grade - 98%

Angelina: Preliminary Grade - 98%

Bree M: Preliminary Grade - 100%

Ella M: Grade 1 - 92%

Lisa M: Grade 1 - 98%

Marie-Chandre: Grade 2 - 80%

Ella McS: Grade 2 - 98%

Sarah: Grade 4 - 96%

Beau: Grade 4 - 98%

Karen: Grade 6 - 95%

Bree W: Grade 6 - A

Karen: Grade 3 Theory - 93%

The Yamaha Keyboard Festival State Gala is a prestigious concert where students are invited by an outside judge, to perform in the Queens Street Mall in Brisbane.  This year Karen was selected to perform her own composition "The Princess' Adventure", Lauren was selected to play and sing her own arrangement of "Like I'm Gonna Lose You", and Breanna was selected to play and sing her own arrangement of "Young and Beautiful". Well done! I am super excited for you! 

The Keyboard Festivals for 2016 were such wonderful concerts! 

The talented performers were:

Aye, Marie-Chandre, Ella, Beau, Karen, Damian, Grace, Jasmin, Brianna, 

Lisa K, Ella Rose, Angelina, Carl, Lauren and Breanna.

A big congratulations to the following students for their fantastic performances in the Brisbane Piano Festival 2016:

Damian, Ella Rose, Brianna, Lisa, Stephi, Angelina, Lara, Marie-Chandre, Karen, Lauren, Breanna and Nathan.  I am so proud of how well you all played!

We had a very successful year with exams in 2015.  Students sat practical exams with Trinity College London, and St Cecilia School of Music.

Every student in 2015 received a Higher Distinction! 

Nathan was selected to play his own composition "Touching the Rain" at the prestigious Yamaha Keyboard Festival State Gala 2015. 

This was his 2nd year performing in the Gala.